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Suppliers play a critical role in the supply chain and the success of our network. Working together, we provide distributors with access to quality products and the latest technologies to meet market demands.

Suppliers that partner with VIPAR Heavy Duty benefit from increased market penetration, effective communications, strategic alignment, and the opportunity for profitable growth.

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Our dedicated program management team works diligently to identify opportunities and construct programs that meet the needs of our supplier partners while supporting the success of our distributors. Based on marketplace demand, we can also develop programs that feature co-branded or private-label products to increase the range of your offering.

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Our proprietary PARTSPHERE™ technology suite optimizes supply chain management, enabling suppliers and distributors to work together more efficiently. PARTSPHERE provides our network with easy-to-use, web-based solutions to support purchase order and invoice transactions, product information management, file sharing, and more.

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VIPAR Heavy Duty's robust communications platform and secure, online portal streamlines the delivery of critical group and industry-specific information. Timely communications ensure important program updates and product information is received by key contacts at our distributors, as well as our national fleet and independent installer audiences.

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We work in concert with our supplier partners to help increase market penetration, improve speed to market, and promote product value to our distributors and their customers. Through focused end-user programs and our annual IMPACT Conference, we provide ample opportunity to collaborate with the industry's best to support our mutual success.

To learn more about our Heavy Duty Alliance®, and how VIPAR Heavy Duty works with our Supplier Partners and Distributors to increase operational efficiencies, click here.

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