VIPAR Heavy Duty Signs Exclusive Agreement with Falcon Affiliates


VIPAR Heavy Duty Signs Exclusive Agreement with Falcon Affiliates

VIPAR Heavy Duty announced today that it has formed an exclusive relationship and memorandum of understanding in the U.S. with Falcon Affiliates, an equity investment firm with significant experience working with entrepreneurial-led and family-owned businesses and proven expertise within the heavy duty aftermarket.


The relationship with Falcon Affiliates will provide VIPAR Heavy Duty stockholders with an experienced, growth-oriented partner that can support stockholders’ long-term growth, succession plans and exit strategies. Falcon’s expertise spans capital expansion and investment, management development, strategic planning, operational improvement, mergers and acquisitions and exit strategies.


In addition to the relationship with Falcon Affiliates, VIPAR Heavy Duty has laid the foundation for a comprehensive Business Resource Center to equip stockholders with tools and resources to support long-term growth and business transition decisions.


“This is a very exciting time for the VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies. As the home of the independent distributor, VIPAR is there in the beginning, providing value as our stockholders grow their businesses over the years and now providing exit strategy resources to help our owners transition their businesses,” said Chris Baer, president and CEO, VIPAR Heavy Duty. “VIPAR stands by its stockholders for the entirety of their business, providing an array of options so owners don’t think the only interested buyers are the ‘big box companies.’ Selling your business generally only happens once, and, we have learned that one buyer is no buyer. We can now provide multiple options to fit a stockholder’s personal goals and maximize the business transition for everyone: owner, employees and customers.”


“At Falcon, we pride ourselves on understanding the businesses and people we partner with, taking a longer-term company-centric approach and seeing our partners and companies grow and achieve their goals,” said Will Krusen, president,  Falcon Affiliates. “We look forward to our relationship with the VIPAR network and to working closely together.”


The partnership announcement comes during the VIPAR Heavy Duty Annual Business Conference, an opportunity for more than 800 stockholders, supplier partners and industry associates to come together to participate in open dialogue and share best practices and insights on opportunities and challenges in the independent heavy duty aftermarket.

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